Thankful T

If it's one thing the holidays are good for it's reflection. Reflecting on one's life choices, one's future, one's past; it's all there to reminisce on. This Thanksgiving was no different. After enduring a rather introverted day coming to terms with a closing chapter in my life, I awoke feeling more grateful than ever. Grateful for friends, family, Avery and new beginnings. It is important to remember that we, and we alone, are solely responsible for our own happiness, even if hard choices need to be made to ensure this. We all have a line and when it's crossed, it's crossed and that's it. You are your own best advocate in every area of your life and it is up to YOU to do what makes YOU happy. Not anyone else.

One thing that makes me happy is writing. For me it is as much about creation as about escape. I love bringing characters and situations to life, and after a delayed bumpy road to commencing my third novel, I'm happy to say that it's firmly underway. Not an easy process (what is?), but a necessary one.

Breakfast writing by ( Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse ) candlelight. 

Breakfast writing by (Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse) candlelight. 

So on this black Friday, this black girl is writing a new narrative. She's a Thankful T indeed.