Summer reading

One of the benefits of all the travel I did this summer was all the reading I was able to do.  I read on planes, trains, beaches, cars, hotels, everywhere.  Fortunately for me I love to read  so that escape was equally exciting as whatever adventure I having.

Reading is a constant learning experience and gives me a greater understanding of life and different cultures, just as travel does, enhancing my ability to be a citizen of the world. 

Books, books and more books!

Books, books and more books!

Knowing that in our busy world reading is a luxury, I'm blessed in that I actually get to do it largely uninterrupted.  I'm never without a book or magazine at any given time and will have my nose stuck in one whenever time allows - on the subway, in a queue, wherever. 

In addition to reading, my fall will be chock full of writing too, as both pleasures go hand in hand.